Collage wolfHud wolf breakout

Wolf of Wall Street outfit by BREAKOUT, available in classic size ( XS/S/M/L/XL + Fitted mesh), 3 pieces ( 1st Jacket/UnderJacket/Tie/Shirt – 2nd Pant – 3rd Shoes, each part of pieces custom by hud as showing on huds on top).

For 495 ls, you have a fully custom nice outfit, with a lot of colors/textures. By the way, the shoes aren’t not very interesting, that’s why not on pic ^^, but for this price, it’s a great outfit to have in wardrobe & to wearing in many occasion.

Great details too, the cuff links, but can’t succeed to fit well with my hand, & i don’t want to edit and lie on it :).

You can find a demo on Marketplace.

I wear the Signature body 3.5 and the hand pose is made with Fate Hand Bento.

Picture is taken @ Anduril.


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