Happy as Nemo

RIOT / Nutmeg / Stand’Art

Moby Swim hud


• Moby swim by RIOT. Moby Sim Shorts come in a total of 28 colors, have optional materials enabled and fit Belleza Jake, Signature, Slink and Adam bodies.
Single color packs come with a 28 color HUD that will allow you to change the scale panels.
Fatpacks come with a HUD that allows you to change the full color, waist band (28 colors) and scale panels (28 solids and 16 exclusive oil spill patterns).

• Snorkel, Flippers & Mask, free tools you can find @ The Lost Island.

• Hair F1124 by Tram.

• Chesterfield Sofa Nude by Nutmeg (PG or Adult version available).

• Shutter Spotlight & Series Reflected Floodlight by Luna Fatale Creations.

• In video Bento Charleston 1 Dances by Abranimations (free version).

• Pose Subswim by Me (feel free to ask me inworld if you want it).

I made for fun a short video with this outfit.





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